Welcome to the DIY Adhesive Selection Guide

On technical characteristics you can choose a Morgan adhesive, grout or membrane using the Australian Standard classification guides –

AS 4858 Water Resistant Membranes

Class                      Elongation at break AS1145.3 Type 5 Specimen

1                              10 – 59%

2                              60 – 299%

3                              > 300%


AS 4992 Grout

Type      Class      Description

CG          1              Cementitious grout

CG          2              Cementitious grout – additional characteristics

F                              Fast setting grout

A                             High abrasion resistance

W                            Reduced water absorption

RG                          Reaction resin grout


AS 4992 Adhesives

Type      Class      Description

C             1              Normal cementious adhesive

C             2              Cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics

D             1              Normal dispersion adhesive

D             2              Dispersion adhesive with improved characteristics

S              1              Deformable adhesive – cementitious adhesives only

S              2              Highly deformable adhesive – cementitious adhesives only

F                              Fast setting adhesive

T                              Slip resistant adhesive

E                              Adhesive with extended open time


Alternatively click the tile, substrate or functional properties of the adhesive that you are interested in and Morgan’s will link you to their recommended adhesive.

Type of Tile

Green Marble (+ 1:1 Plastinex Black Label) , Marble, Glass/Tile Mosaic, Metal Mosaic, Polished Porcelain, Monocottura, Granite, Terracotta, Unglazed Porcelain.

Type of substrate

Tile, concrete, render, cement fiber board, gyprock plasterboard, wood, metal & aluminum, fiberglass & plastic, painted surfaces, linoleum vinyl,  concrete swimming pools.

Functional properties of the adhesive

Flexibility & Structural movement of substrate, Water resistant, Fast Setting, Acoustic Properties, Easy to clean off, High Coverage & Value, Low VOC, Green Adhesive, Standard Adhesive, Slurries.