Acoustic Underlay

AS4992 RATING C2S2F?VOC Certificate Brochure

Morgan?s Acoustic Underlay is a two part powder liquid mix been specifically formulated to reduce sound transmission between structural concrete constructions. Use this underlay under all types of ceramic tiles, natural stones, timber floor boards and parquetry. Acoustic Underlay should be used in multi-level dwelling constructions, both internally & externally, and is recommended for wet areas.

The underlay exceeds the requirements of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) when applied to a minimum depth of 5mm and according to ISO 140-7:1998 and 717-2:1996. As each building is unique with respect to its design, materials and construction, Morgan?s recommend individual on-site FIIC testing as a guide to the final acoustic properties of the underlay. Basic on-site factors that influence the performance of acoustic underlay include high MPa concretes, the depth of the concrete slab and the presence of any large cavities under suspended ceilings.

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