Grouting tips


10 Tips For A Successful Grout Application


1.Use only clean water and a clean bucket.

2. Always add the grout powder to water.

3. Mix the grout with a slow speed drill at a maximum of 300rpm or mix by hand. DO NOT MIX AIR INTO THE GROUT.

4. Mix the grout to a heavy & thick consistency. For hand mixed preparations, allow the grout to slake (rest) for 5 minutes and then remix.

5. Add more grout as required.


6. Install the grout at 45 degree angle to the tile joints. NOTE: THE TILE JOINTS MUST BE FREE OF ADHESIVE. ALWAYS GROUT A FRESHLY CLEANED INSTALLATION.

7. Fill the tile joints to the bevelled edge or flush with the tiles surface using a rubber squeegee.

8. Remove excess grout as you proceed. Keep the installation clean & free of grout residues.


9. Touch test the grout with your fingers. If you don’t get a residue on your fingers, the grout is ready to finish.

10. With a clean & wet squeegee or damp sponge clean the grout residues off the tiles at 45 degrees to the tile joints. Check again for voids and rectify. Only one pass is recommended. REMEMBER THE USE OF TOO MUCH WATER RESULTS IN EFFLORESCENCE OR WASHING A WHITE CRYSTAL BLOOM TO THE GROUTS SURFACE. Dark colours especially require at lot attention to detail to achieve a professional finish.

NOTE: Obtain a sign off on the job before leaving site and prior to a builders final clean.

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